Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

We know that carpet is a reflection of your business, and it can also be one of your largest investments. Our carpet maintenance programs remove spots and spills, keep soil from accumulating and lift carpet fiber for a plush, clean appearance, ultimately extending the life of your carpet investment.


But maintaining a healthy work place is just as vital, if not more important than extending the life and look of your carpet. We follow the recommended cleaning procedures of your carpet’s manufacturer, removing dirt and odor with green cleaning materials and methods. It’s not just good for your business’ productivity–it’s good for your employees and the environment.


We offer three system choices that are tailored to your business’ needs:


Preventive Systems


  • Walk off matting
  • Vacuuming


Interim Cleaning Systems


  • Surface rinsing
  • Dry powder cleaning
  • Power pile lifting
  • Light extraction


Deep Cleaning


  • Hot water extraction


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